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I’ve peed all over the blogosphere, kind of like a dog marking its territory. When I claimed the phrase Writer With Dogs as my own, and bought the dot.com and dot.net, I also landed on many sites and claimed my space there. If you notice, there are no posts here. And for good reason. I am everywhere else, on blogger mostly. So if you have landed here and would like to know how a crazy widow writer with six dogs sees life, please visit one of my other blogs. They are listed below. Thanks for stopping by!

Writer With Dogs

Confessions of the Unfaithful Widow

Barbara Barth Sparkle

Barbara Barth Writer, website

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Dog / God

To me they mean the same. Dogs bring me faith, make me strong, help me through rough times, make the good times more fun. Unconditional love surrounds me. Taking care of my dogs brings out the caregiver in me. I am less aware of my own needs when I look at six faces staring back at me. I have to tend to their needs. Dogs weed out the bad eggs in life. Or should I say bad dates. The last male to enter my house ran out crying, “I’ve got a headache!”

Isn’t that the same with God? All the faith and good traits I have because of my dogs are a branch of my faith. I am not a church person, so please don’t look for religion here. I am a pay it forward kind of gal. A good deed that helps others is more appealing to me then sitting in a pew. I like hands on with everything I do.

I write about life as I see it with six dogs in tow. My little six-pack. I believe that the universe will bring you what you need if you allow it. You just have to toss it out there and see what comes back. Being open an important part of learning to live a full life. I take large leaps of faith and so far have landed where I belong. That changes daily, but that’s the fun.

My best friend calls me. “Hey, looking at flights to Bali for the fall.”

I look at my calendar to see what I have scheduled so I can come back with something exciting I have planned. A quick glance gives me my answer. “Well, from today on for the rest of my life I have nothing planned.”

Is that so bad? Gives me a fresh start every morning to find something delicious to write about in my journal on life.

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Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress.com. This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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